My Attempt at BuzzFeeding Will BLOW YOUR MIND


Have you ever skimmed through BuzzFeed's homepage and just wanted to set fire to the rain pouring on their building and watch it crumble to the ground?. I have. But then I remembered that thoughts like that might make me a psychopath, so I thought why not try to help them with their problem. I took it upon myself to give them suggestions of articles to write to rid their image of ridiculous, clickbaitey articles with no actual substance. Seriously, these are very serious suggestions--seriously. Take note @BuzzFeed.

You won't believe what happened in this many times before seen clip of the High School Musical 2 song "I Don't Dance!"

Spoiler alert: they dance.

This Picture of Everything Taken From A Hoarders Foreclosed Home Is Everything!



The Travel Essential You Didn't Know You Needed

We bet you've never tried.... air before!

jenna air

Which One of Prince William's Pubic Hairs Are You?

We hear that's where all his head hair went ;).

Entirely British Slang Title That I Don't Understand Due to My Lack of Being British

Open for more British slang and unnecessary "u"s in all your favoUrite words, coloURs and adventuoruouor stouries, since nobody in America writes for BuzzFeed anymore--or so it seems.

10 Fan Theories About Why My Father Doesn't Love Me That Might Actually Be True!

Maybe he really is mad about that time I framed him for murder...

16 Things That Happen When You Get Shot 16 Times

Pain, ow, probably death, the bleedy bleeds, new body holes, loud noises, karma for being a rambunctious child, human swiss cheese, a little embarrassment that you got ambushed that hard, more death, one less mouth for your mother to feed, most likely murder, the beat to a new techno song, human swimming pool, overachieving, and your tweets still not getting noticed by One Direction.

Some Guy Made a Mashup of Gossip Girl and ISIS and It's Perfect!

We bet you didn't know ISIS had a theme song!

5 Things Your Mom Forgot At The Grocery Store That You Need Right Now

  • eggs
  • milk
  • lard
  • rye bread (don't you fucking dare come back with wheat)
  • your grandmother


10 Things Dead People Do When They're Dead That They'll Never Tell You Because They're Dead

15 Times A Celebrity Had An Instagram Account And Used It

#adorable #puppies #kale #paidforpromotion

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.40.18 PM

12 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Of All Ages



LochNess2images maxresdefault

Odds Molly Gets Hired By BuzzFeed After This Post

Probably 0. LOL WIN WTF Cute!