The Relatable Playlist For Your Summer Body Workout


Everyone tries to get hot for summer. The smart ones do it during the coldy-freezy months so they get to hide their jiggly embarrassment under winter clothes and actually accomplish their goals on time--fucking overachievers. Some of us get on the wagon a little too late and end up trying to get hot for summer during summer--life is like a box of chocolate because kale is fucking disgusting and will be no part of a life of mine. No matter when you take the plunge, strap on your velcro Sketchers and jump into that "super simple" plyometric iron man workout for the first and last time, you'll need a workout playlist to along with it, not necessarily one that will actually pump you up, but one that understands what you're going through.

Molly Ade's Hot Summer Body Playlist: Sponsored By Spotify, Sued By Spotify For False Sponsorship Advertising

Jealous- Nick Jonas

For when you think back to Victorian England beauty standards and think "I could've done well then."

Lost My Mind- The Head and the Heart

For when the fitness ~inspiration~ runs out after day 1 but you already told your mom you were actually getting your shit together this time.

Friction- Imagine Dragons

For all those times yours thighs will rub together, another reason why you should probably just give up now.

Count Me Out- Foxy Shazam

For when the fitness class instructor says you "really have to dig deeper to get the full results."


For when you temporarily think stretchy resistance bands are a good idea, until you realize you don't know how to control them.

Delirious- Steve Aoki

For when that stair stepper infomercial made you think fast results would be super fun/easy/glamorous before you started.

Can't Tell Me Nothing- Kanye West

For when you watch that stair stepper infomercial again 1 week later.

Whispers In The Dark- Mumford & Sons

For all those times you wake up in the middle of the night and cry yourself to sleep because you remembered you have to workout tomorrow, or really just move tomorrow.

Timber- Ke$ha

For when you thought you'd try out yoga, only to realize there was a reason you didn't do sports involving stability in high school.

No Control- One Direction

For when you try a spin class and don't properly click your feet into the bike.

My Body- Young the Giant

For when you go to the doctor and he asks what hurts.

Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns

For when your friend lets you borrow their P90X DVDs.

I Lived- OneRepublic

For when people ask how attempting a marathon went and you want to avoid the word "failure."

When A Fire Starts To Burn- Disclosure

For squats.

The Fall- Kodaline

For when the fire has been burning for a while but you tell yourself you can make it on the stairs.

I Want- One Direction

For your thoughts about all foods not included in your diet plan, and about none of the foods included in it.

Donde Esta Santa Claus- Augie Rios

Because why the fuck not.