Challenge: 100 Workout

yup, that's me Strength-speaking, I'm in pretty good shape. I figure skated for 6 years until my junior year of high school and did gymnastics, dance, and pretty much every single sport available to a girl in South Florida; it's safe to say I've spent almost my entire life doing daily high intensity cardio and condition.

Figure skating requires an immense amount of core and leg strength (how else would you expect me to jump, spin, and land gracefully on a 1/2 inch thick metal blade?) and since I did it for so long, I've still retained a good amount of those muscles. It also requires only enough arm strength to keep your arms raised for 3 minutes. As such, I can barely do a pushup. The biggest caveat of my figure skating training is that I have the knees of an 80 year old immobile grandmother. They're total crap. All this combined together is the reason I've never tried the 100 workout: Each part of it seemed either too easy, or too crippling.

I've been getting a little bored with my workouts lately, so I figured, if there ever was a day, today is the day. Without further ado,

Pinterest Presents: Molly Does the 20 minute "100 Workout" And Potentially Gets A Knee Replacement


8 a.m. Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like No

it's -24 degrees outside. I decide to do this in my room because it is just too ungodly cold to make the trek to the gym.

8:30 a.m. Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like I Should Actually Move Now

Yes, this is how long it takes me to get out of bed--don't judge me.

8:45 a.m. Lettuce Have A Food Fight Begin

Caffeinated up and stretched out, I'm ready to begin.

I get about 30 jumping jacks when I realize just how long it takes to do 100 jumping jacks. I'm having my first doubt about this whole "20 minute" detail. I'm also doing this in my room on the second floor of my apartment. Sorry to my roommates, Colleen, Danielle, Ariel, Lydia, and Zoe. Please don't evict me. I'm just trying to look spring break sexy.

My heart is beating a little quicker, but nothing too drastic.

8:47 a.m. I Know You're Lying, Your Lips Are Movin'

It takes me a bit to get into the jumping jack groove because I can't find the right song; cue Meghan Trainor came.

With the jumping jacks finally done I'm on to the 90 crunches. 30 crunches in, I realize that 90 crunches takes longer than 100 jumping jacks.

To whom this may concern,

How long have you struggled with lack of time awareness?


This is not a 20 minute workout

90 crunches: done. My heartbeat is up a bit more and my abs are feeling a slight burn, but so far I'm not impressed. Also my back is gross. I shouldn't have done this right on the floor.

8:50 a.m. Fear and Loathing in Ann Arbor

What is proper squat form?

8:55 a.m. Google Has Shown Me The Way (To Proper Squat Form)

This hurts. Dear Ricky Bobby this hurts so much. As if this couldn't get any worse than the already overwhelming knee paranoia, I've stationed myself far away from my computer and "What Makes You Beautiful" comes on. Cue entrance of roommate and instant mockery.

Despite the weakness in my legs, I'm feeling optimistic about my survival. Then I move to sit down for the leg lifts. My movement is less of a sit and more of a collapse. Only 10* more minutes to go.

8:58 a.m. My Back Is Gross Again

The leg lifts aren't challenging. I've had enough time off from the crunches that my abs feel fine. On the bright side I know longer need to vaccuum my floor; the sweat on my back has taken over that job.

9 a.m. If The Apartment Below Me Didn't Hate Me Before...

I never thought jumping jacks would be such a relief. These ones are significantly harder, though. I can feel my legs giving out a little more each time.

9:01 a.m. We Only Got 4 Minutes To Finish 4 More Exercises And A 10 Minute Run

That math adds up.

The 50 crunches don't even phase me. Thanks, abs of steel! #humblebrag

9:03 a.m. Humblebrag S(q)watted Away

If this workout has taught me anything, it's that I will never have a great butt. I don't have one now, and I certainly won't be doing any more squats to change that.I'll probably also never be one of those Instagram models that gets photographed doing squats for fitness accounts. That's shame, I feel like I've gotten pretty good form down.

9:05 My Time Is Up, And So Are My Legs

I'm really looking forward to not lying on my carpet. It's taken a total of 140 crunches and 100 leg lifts, but I finally have a consistent burn in my abs. Thanks, abs of low-grade steel!

9:06 a.m. I Can Taste The Freedom

I'm pretty sure I did more than 20 jumping jacks because I forgot to start counting until I was about 30 seconds in. Sometimes the life of an overachiever is hard...

9:07 a.m. The Moment Of Truth

I make the tough decision to substitute a 10 minute run with 5 minutes of high knees. This isn't me taking an easy way out, this is me checking my phone and seeing that it is still -8 degrees outside. I figured 5 minutes was good enough since high knees are more taxing than a run. My legs are definitely feeling weak from all the squats, but I pull through the 5 minutes relatively unfazed. Heavy heartbeat, yes, but still relatively unfazed. I'm 100% sure I would have pulled off the 10 minute run if it was maybe 18 degrees warmer.

9:15 a.m. Can I Make It Down The Stairs Without Falling?


Considering my only substitution in this workout was weather related and I can still feel my knees, I think I deserve the win. And maybe a muscle man trophy. And maybe a muscle man shirt. And a muscley man.

Also I was very polite about the whole time discrepancy thing too. I think that deserves something.

Molly: 5 - Challenges: 2

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