Challenge: Laugh or Lose


Once upon a time, in a Political Science lecture far far away on the deserted 3rd floor of Mason Hall, a young woman was completely incapable of paying attention in class, at all, whatsoever. That young woman is me. It was on this fateful day in February that I came across something that would forever alter the path of my future. How did I find it? How does anyone find enlightenment buried in a world of darkness and confusion? In the deepest corners of BuzzFeed.

Introducing: BuzzFeed's Laugh or Lose Challenge: Can You Get Through These 33 Tumblr Posts Without Laughing Once?

Now I'm the type of person that laughs at literally everything. Not just because I love laughing, but because I hate myself and enjoy getting into incredibly awkward situations that usually arise when you laugh at something that is absolutely not funny. (Seriously, you don't want me at your grandmother's funeral...) Knowing this, I immediately made two realizations when I found this post:

  1. There was a good probability that it would dethrone this as my favorite article on BuzzFeed.
  2. I was going to get absolutely demolished.

Quick reminder of what I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I found this article in class. I obviously wasn't going to wait 3 hours until I was free which means I would have the added difficulty of hiding any sort of laughter.


As far as scoring goes, this one's pretty straightforward; I laugh, I lose.

1. Flying Hotdogs

Game over. I didn't burst out laughing or anything, but I did have to hide my face in my hands to cover up the smile on my face. Loss or not, the game must go on.

2. MRI

I'm not a fan of the zombie fad. I get the picture. I get the zombie joke. I don't get why it's funny. At least I have one.

3. What Do You Say To Simba If He's Walking Slowly?

The smile's back and stronger than ever. I resort to looking down because I'm pretty sure I'm fox smizing.

4. Fox

The first real laugh is out. I have to pretend I'm coughing because I can't keep my audible gasps from escaping. I don't know what's funnier, the picture of the fox or the comments below it.

5. Majestic Cow

I smile a bit. The caption's funny but I've seen this picture before. Actually I've laughed hysterically at this picture before. I think the caption is the only reason it got me.

6. Coca-Cola

cokeDear God. Cue more coughs. I thought I might make it through until I read the final line. I want to meet that person.

7. Babies

I smiled, but I wasn't that amused. I could tell where this joke was going from the start so there wasn't any plot-twist punch line to get me.

8. 80 Year-Old Shade

Eh. Score 2 for Molly.

9. Nokia

I actually didn't laugh at this one... The first time. When I went back over it a second I saw the "oh hell no" that i had missed before. Still score 2 for Molly.

10. Shakira

I smiled a bit, but mostly I keep smiling because I keep thinking back to Coca-Cola and the fox. I would be doing so much better if smiles were allowed.

11. Booty Appreciation Zonebun

Score 3 for Molly. I can't understand Tumblr for the life of me so I have no idea what notes mean or how many is a normal number to have on a post.

12. Bunnies

The quiet laughter is back. Luckily it's not audible but that's because I'm doing everything in my power to suppress it. How do you not laugh at bunny grammar? How?!

13. Potato

Let it be known that on the 13th entry of this post, Molly Ade spiraled out of control. I had to take a break after this one because I was just barely able to pull myself together after an excessive bout of "coughing." I want so much to be as cool as the person who put a potato in an astronomy text book.pottat

14. IPod

Teeheehee. I gave it a good smile. Touche last commenter, touche.

15. Capitalism and Systematic Poverty

Score 4 for Molly.

16. Pikachu

I'll admit this was kind of funny, but I'm pretty sure I smiled just because Pikachu is adorable and a childhood friend of mine.

dog17. Thursday

Wut? Just. Wut. Score 5.

18. Very Vast Dog

The audible giggles are back. I'm wondering why I never think to Google things like that.

19. Cheese

This one got a silent laugh. I'm impressed with myself for keeping it silent because the giggles are piling up and I don't have much time left before I implode. I can feel it.

20. Peeing Goats

Let it be known on the 20th entry of this post, Molly Ade spiraled out of control, itagain. The only thing worse than this entry is that I can't stop picturing it my head. Cue break number two. How am I going unnoticed?

21. CrossFit Jesus

I don't really know anything about the Bible so I don't really get it. I know it's making fun of CrossFit but I still don't really get it. I'm up to a score of 6. I start laughing about the goats again.

22. Prayers for Grandpa

Score 7 for Molly. Not only have I seen this before, I didn't find it funny the first time.

23. A Really Uncomfortable Room

bblackI smiled throughout, until the end. The end meme killed me. I should probably ask for some cough drops.

24. Naked Woman

I don't get it. Score 8.

25. Photobomb

When I first saw this I wasn't affected at all. Then I reread the caption. Then I looked at the little girls face. I really thought I had this one...

26. Hugs

I've seen this before. Score 9. Next.

27. Harriett Tubman

I feel like I should be laughing harder at this than I am. Don't get me wrong, this is hilarious. I recognize it's hilarious but I'm still not laughing that hard. Maybe I'm all laughed out?

28. Jay-Z

The original post wasn't funny. Everything that got added on after was hilarious. Thank you, jerks of the world.

29. The Train wreck of all Train wrecks

washI don't how much more I can take. Somehow I manage to keep it together but I'm really really not sure how. I'm considering leaving to go to the bathroom just to get away.

30. Doe, a Dear

I gave it a smile. I really don't think I could have handled anything funnier than this one at this point.

31. Sexting

Lol. Not an actual lol, but a "me texting my friend and they said something minorly funny so I throw 'em an lol" lol.

32. Obama

I've seen this multiple times before but I still get a smile. Keep doin' you, Obamars.

33. None Pizza With Left Beef

checkThat's it Tumblr. I'm yours. I give up. Whatever small strand of composure I had is completely gone, and now I've resorted to blowing my nose because the coughs alone can't hide my laughter. I don't applaud anyone that can make it through this post without laughing because there is something inherently seriously wrong with a person who doesn't laugh at none pizza w/ left beef. So wrong.

33 pictures and 24 laughs later, I think it's clear who the loser of this challenge was. Me.

Molly: 4 - Challenges: 2

I ain't even mad.

Liked this challenge? Loved this challenge? Sent me to bed without desert because of how much you hated this challenge? Let me know what you thought and what else you want to see!