Challenge: Chubby Bunny (Kind Of)


I was really excited to do this challenge. Like really excited. Not because I really like marshmallows, I actually don't, but because I my first thought once chubby bunny came to my mind was, "I could say Benedict Cumberbatch instead and it will be the absolute greatest thing ever since etip technology gloves." Then the whole idea spiraled out of control, and I kept adding knew variations, which is how I got to where we are right now: chubby bunny... kind of.


I started off with two bags of marshmallows, each one containing 40 marshmallows. I had planned on using both bags, but I ran out of variation ideas and had hit the gag reflex a few times too many after 40.

You know what they say, "Once you put 40 marshmallows in your mouth, you don't really want to put another 40 marshmallows in your mouth."

After going through the first bag I had ~no ragrets~ about this decision because it spared me from collecting even more marshmallow goop on my fingers. What's better than putting 40 marshmallows in your mouth? Actually putting 39 marshmallows in your mouth because probably a whole marshmallow's worth of residue got stuck to your fingers in the process.

I did a little bit of clean up, shake hands? (feat. cheeseburger blanket)

Again I decided to record this because it just seemed fitting--what better way to let you hear my beautiful, siren-like voice snuggled up in jumbo marshmallows than by actually letting you hear my beautiful, siren-like voice, snuggled up in jumbo marshmallows? I'll just sit here and wait for my Prince Odysseus' arrival.


I'm more than a little ashamed of the chubby bunny attempt, although I'll attribute that poor performance to early stages lack of technique.

After a good ole' Google sesh of multiple chubby bunny attempts, I came to the conclusion that the number of marshmallows in a person's mouth at one time usually topped out between around 4 and 7. For the sake of not taking the easy way out--and because this is a challenge after all--scoring will go as such:

  • 0 points for either maxing out at 4, or for not being able to speak coherently with 5 marshmallows
  • 1 point for being able to fit 5 marshmallows in my mouth with roughly coherent speech
  • 2 points for semi-coherently speaking with 7 marshmallows in my mouth since most of the people that were able to fit 7 were guys that I assume were much bigger than me. I can assume this because I am a pretty small person. Everyone is bigger than me.
  • Since I did 7* variations of the game, I'll need 4 points to win

Now that we've settle that, the scores:

  • Chubby bunny: 0 points
  • Waffle iron: 0 points
  • Moist: 1 point
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: 0 points
  • George Foreman grill: 0 points for my performance in the challenge, 1/2 a point for not injuring myself
  • Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica: 0 points
  • John Travolta: 0 points
  • Falange*: 1/2 a point
  • Dumpster diving*: 1/2 a point

*I temporarily turned the camera off and forgot to turn it back on for these two (both of which I made it to 6 semi-coherently). I was going to leave them out since it wouldn't really be fair to claim points for ones that I didn't have evidence of, but this seemed like a fair trade off. Actually it seemed more like I wasn't going to fully give up points I had earned. What else would you expect from me at this point in our relationship?

Grand total: 2 1/2 out of a possible 8 1/2 points... I've not only lost my first challenge, but some of my dignity and will to survive.

Molly: 2 - Challenges: 1

Like this challenge? Love this challenge? Told my mom I still don't have a boyfriend because of how much you hated it? Let me know what you thought and what else you want to see!