Challenge: Blindfolded Drawing


For my first challenge attempt, I decided to up the ante by choosing something I'm absolutely terrible at: drawing. I think this disclaimer really needs to be made because, being the epitome of beauty and greatness that I am, I know all of you out there were expecting a work comparable to that of the Mona Lisa, or the Taken trilogy, or Justin Bieber's hit single One Time. Sadly I was unable to live up to the Biebs, not this time at least. I really can't emphasize how bad I am not just drawing but pretty much anything involving or pertaining to art in general. My high school art teacher once held up my self-portrait and told the class it was "an example of what not to do." I rest my case.

I also chose this challenge because I figured of all the Internet challenges out there, this one required the least amount of obscure supplies--last time I checked I owned a pen and some sheets of paper. Somehow I forgot to take into account the whole "wearing a blindfold" bit and was left with nothing but a tank top and a spare hairband to work with. My dad once emailed me an article about how Google hires people who show creativity and innovation. Maybe I should forward them this blog post.

I recorded the entire challenge partly because I needed something to jog my memory when I had to go back and write about this, and partly because I was actually curious just how clueless I look in a blindfold. Turns out the video does a much better job of documenting it than I ever could. It also turns out that I won't be wearing anymore blindfolds in the foreseen future in an attempt to preserve what little dignity and appearance of intelligence I have left.


I think it's only fair that if I'm going to be accepting all these challenges I should at least be able to win them.

"I don't really care how I do, as long as I get the participation medal!" - No one ever.

Exactly. A points system seemed like the best way to rank this one, and since I have the drawing skills of a two year old of above-average intelligence, a good majority of the points will do.

  • Spongebob: - 1 point
  • Cheeseburger: + 1 point
  • Ballerina Jim Harbaugh: + 1 point
  • One Direction: + 1 point for the drawing, - 1 point for my knowledge of One Direction, + 1 point again...I'm too much of a sore loser to actually give up that point
  • Castle: + 1/2 a point, I chock this one up to my aforementioned artistic abilities

Grand total: 3 out of a possible 5 points, a newly Martha Stewart-esque kitchen, and my artistic swagger forever immortalized on YouTube. Oh, and style points. I'm awarding myself all the style points.

Molly: 1 - Challenges: 0

Like this challenge? Love this challenge? Considering framing me for murder because of how much you hated this challenge? Let me know what you thought and what else you want to see!