Step 1: Actually Write Something


I've wanted to start a blog for some time now. I've actually been meaning to do it and have been telling myself probably every day for maybe two weeks now that each day I would actually go through with it. El. Oh. El.

My problem with starting this blog wasn't that I was nervous or scared or anything like that. (Not that I should really be nervous I mean it's a blog not rabid bear-wolf. Worst case scenario I post something offensive which ends up offending no one because no one actually sees or reads it.) My problem with starting this blog was that I didn't know what to start it with. I have plenty of things I'd love to write about and plan on writing about, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a way in which they're connected, at all, whatsoever. Seriously I have a list written down on my computer and if you didn't know, you'd assume it was just the everyday inner-workings of a kid with severe ADHD. I felt like starting off a blog, the direction of which I'm still not quite positive, with just a random post would be kind of like walking up to a random group of people at a wedding starting off a conversation like this:

Me: "Yo what's up guys I'm Molly, nice to meet you"

New Friends: "Hey Molly, good to meet you too. I'm Steve, this is Linda and Robert."

*motions to Linda and Robert*

Me: "Cool, so my landlord decided to redo the stairs to my front door so i can't get out of my house."

New Friends: "Oh, uh that's a bummer. Sorry to hear that."

Me: "Yeah I also found out this morning that my car got stolen so I'm on a total whirlwind of a day! By the way my favorite color's orange and I used to wear my brother's hand me down school uniforms in elementary school."

New Friends: "..."

*change character name from New Friends to Group Of People Desperately Trying To Leave Awkward Situation*

Case in point. Special side note, all of those things I just mentioned about myself are 100% true, but I digress. Why I'm explaining all this to you (or to no one, we'll see how this goes) is because at this moment I still don't really know how to start off a blog. At this point in time all I can really think about is the theme of my blog. More importantly how I'm supposed to choose a theme when WordPress has fifty fucking thousand options and I'm the most indecisive person on this planet. As of now it has a nice little background photo of city lights, which I'm assuming to be New York, because isn't it always? All I see when I look at it is, "Wow, that is one generic-ass picture that I definitely didn't take and probably has no relation to what I'm writing about." Will this picture make people not want to read my blog? If I do change the picture, what do I change it to? If I change it to a picture of myself, will it make people not want to read my blog? The only hope I can see at the end of this tunnel of questions is that I'll likely never figure out how to change the picture, or anything on this blog for that matter, because I'm so incredibly incompetent when it comes to computers and the internet.

Clearly I have a long ways to go, but I am optimistic that I'll make it there. As for why I've started this blog, it's simple. Jenna Marbles. It sounds stupid but really, I idolize Jenna Marbles. She's hilarious, she's not afraid to be exactly herself, and she make's a living off doing what she loves to do, which is make videos on YouTube. I've watched enough of her and other professional YouTuber's videos to realize that if what I want to do is blog every sarcastic thought that comes to my mind, then blogging I shall do. I've also watched enough videos to be considered a YouTube addict. I heart YouTube.

I thought of ending this post with a sort of 'About Me' section, but I've decided instead to do something I read in a book once. Sometime during my childhood (I'd like to say around 5th grade) I read this book about an outcast, misunderstood girl -typical- who loves art and her brother's best friend, who obviously doesn't feel the same way about her. She ends up judging this art contest called What I See or something like that where people have to take pictures or paintings of what they see out their window and then write an essay describing why it's important. In a very stereotypically prepubescent literary fashion, she ends up realizing along her journey that a new boy, whom she meets in art class, understands the real her and awards him first place over the unrequited love. (There was actually a good deal of drama surrounding the ending because scorned non-lover's work was better but it "wasn't what he saw". I'm actually pretty sure he drew Mexican's crossing the border in another example of really adult things that flew over my head as a child. Insert Digression #2.) Anyways I thought there was no better way to introduce myself than to provide actual pictures of what I see out my window as I write this. Enjoy.



a broken AC unit that's been sitting on the porch outside my kitchen since I moved in

They say you'll never live is nicely as you did when you were in college.