My name is Molly Kathryn Ade, but like most people, I go by my first name. Hi, I'm Molly.

My likes include: baseball, standup comedy, T-Rex, Photoshop, Sherlock Holmes, and all of the food. All of it. My dislikes include long walks on the beach, puns, and anyone who uses baby voice with their significant other. Also vinegar. What the fuck's with people and eating (drinking?) vinegar?

Based on my general knowledge of myself from the past 21 years, I'm probably not a nice person nor will I ever find anyone to spend the rest of their days putting up with my bullshit. I'm also a terrible influence when it comes to listening to common sense or learning from previous mistakes. Oh, and I love being a troll, as well as generally a sarcastic nuisance. Want to hang out yet?

So what can you expect from this blog? My take on whatever it is that crosses my mind, be it pop culture (less likely), my general tomfoolery (more likely), every struggle I have with trying to act like an actual functioning human being (a perfectly average amount of likely), or just me straight up being an Internet troll (incredibly likely), in the only way I know how: by not taking it seriously.